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Manufacturing industry experts discuss the advancements, challenges, solutions and opportunities in this highly technical industry.

The Industry Experts

Episode 69: Conversation Highlights from Summer 2019

The Make It Right podcast was incredibly fortunate in the summer of 2019 to have amazing guests who kindly took the time to share their stories and insights with us. From launching your first product, getting a factory on the path to world class, understanding all the big and little things that make a work environment safe, as well as targeted tips on sales and marketing, it has been a summer of interesting conversations. This week on the show selected conversation highlights from 3 shows that looked at disruptive innovation, the hiring process and understanding your customers wants and needs.

Episode 68: The Evolution of Supply Chain Management - Part 2

Daniel Stanton is know as Mr Supply Chain. He is also the author of Supply Chain Management for Dummies. In Part 2 of this podcast Daniel Stanton, discusses the rapid evolution of supply chain management and he outlines the skills and career development programs for people looking to stay on top and expand their opportunities in the industry.

Episode 67: Trends & Disruptors - The Evolution of Supply Chain Management

New technologies and trends are morphing and evolving supply chain management. There are new trends and new approaches to innovation and new disruptors. Mr Supply Chain, Daniel Stanton talks about how the industry trend to continuous improvement needs to evolve to include disruptive innovation in the supply chain and he discusses some possible approaches on this episode of Make It Right.

Episode 66: Meeting the Needs & Wants of Today's Highly Engaged Consumer

Constantly tweaking your product will not “feed the lion”. Only strong sales and marketing can do that. Chris Rebsamen shares his insights from 30 years in the consumer packaged goods industry on this episode of Make It Right.

Episode 65: Giving Your Customers the Product They Really Want

5 seconds. That’s all the time you have to get a customer’s attention and entice them to buy your CPG product and not your competition’s. This is the sales and marketing challenge. How do you know what your customers really want and how do you prove, in those few seconds that your product is the answer. This week on Make It Right it’s a “knowledge and wisdom share” gained from 30 years in the Consumer Packaged Goods trenches with Chris Rebsamen, President of Jupiter Sales & Marketing.

Episode 64: Custom Manufacturing Matchmaking for Parts & Prototypes

Xometry is a US company that offers on demand manufacturing, playing matchmaker to designers and manufacturers so they can produce prototypes, and custom parts in large and small quantities with ease. The company recently raised $55M in series D financing with participation in the round from Dell and BMW. Greg Paulsen, Director of Application Engineering talks with Janet about the Xometry approach and how it is enabling even small companies and individuals create and test out their product ideas.

Episode 63: Turning the Impossible Into the Possible

When it comes to innovation are you really innovating or simply making incremental improvements? On this edition of the Make It Right podcast Dr Adam Malofsky discusses how he and his colleagues have used adaptive innovation and transformative innovation to bring about seemingly impossible results. From painting cars without heat to revolutionizing the sound of the guitar string….how to ask the right questions to innovate for real change.

Episode 62: Taking Your Idea to Manufactured & Made Right

It’s a many staged journey from idea to product, with unexpected twists and turns along the way. On this episode of the Make It Right podcast Adam Hahn, CEO of Leaf Shave shares the trials and triumphs as he brought his alternative to the disposable razor “from idea to manufactured”.

Episode 61: Establishing a Second in Command Manufacturing Leader

Tom Marini joined the family owned manufacturing company fresh out of school and through the years he supported his grandfather and father as he learned the business. After assuming the leadership role in the company he sought out that same support but as the father of young children his journey took him beyond family. In this episode of the Make It Right podcast Tom shares a thoughtful and enlightening account of how he went about that process, discussing his missteps and ultimate success.

Episode 60: Pushing to World Class – One Plant Manager’s On-going Journey

When Vladimir Floresca joined a growing manufacturing operation as the new plant manager his mandate was to bring the operation to world class. He and his team have been on this journey for a year and a half and on this episode of the Make It Right podcast he shares his process, his challenges and the teams achievements so far on this road to world class.

Episode 59: In Pursuit of the Circular Economy for the Disposable Diaper Industry

Is the Circular Economy possible for the disposable diaper industry? With babies, adults and even dogs using an estimated 150+ billion disposable diaper units per year the industry has a big waste problem. This week on the Make Right Podcast we get the poop on biodegradable diapers and current recycling solutions from Diaper Industry veteran Carlos Richer. He outlines solutions the industry is pursuing to bring disposables into the circular economy. Listen to Episode 59.

Episode 58: Customer Focused – What It Really Means and How to Achieve It

How your customers want you to market, sell, and service them is changing and most companies don’t know how to meet that challenge. If you think your business is truly customer focused but you aren’t getting the results you expect, listen to what Todd Hockenberry has to say. He is the owner/founder of Top Line Results and he works with B2B, manufacturing, technology and capital equipment companies to achieve top line revenue growth. Todd is also the co-author of Inbound Organization: How to Build and Strengthen Your Company’s Future Using Inbound Principles.

Episode 57: Keeping Your Team Safe - Is Your HSE Policy Meeting the Challenge?

Every work environment has its hazards but the combination of machines, equipment, chemicals, noise and speed can make the manufacturing environment particularly dangerous. Andrew Morris is a Health, Safety and Environment consultant based in Bangkok and on this episode he offers a number of insights, from how to recognize safety issues on the job and how to get started with some practical tips, to how an HSE program can benefit your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Episode 56: How Safe is Your Work Environment? Getting HSE Right

No one goes to work on a daily basis with the thought that they are going to get injured or killed on the job but in reality, such things do happen. You may not even realize that your workplace is a minefield of accidents waiting to happen. This week on the Make It Right podcast Janet’s guest is Andrew Morris a Health, Safety and Environment consultant who believes that “there is no reason for a workplace injury or illness – it’s just an excuse, and all losses of containment can be prevented”. Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility. Andrew provides insights on the safety challenges and changes he has seen around the world as he takes us on the HSE journey from the factory floor to the cutting board.

Episode 55: Communicate for Common Understanding Across Your Supply Chain

Manufacturing companies face complicated communication challenges as they do business across countries and supply chains, timezones and cultures. The fundamental goal of any communication is to achieve “common understanding” and this week on the show Janet’s guest Sam Yankelevitch provides insights on how to engage in effective communication so you can avoid costly misunderstandings. Sam is a veteran of the manufacturing industry, as well as a manufacturing coach, author and speaker and last week he shared the story of how the simple use of an exclamation point in a company email that crossed cultures cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars. He explains how to pursue effective communication in part 2 of this conversation.

Episode 54: The Role of Communication in the New Gemba

Manufacturing today is often a series of distanced interdependent processes that need to be integrated. Supply chain and project management and change management have become integral parts of manufacturing. Physical processes remain important of course but communication has become a critical process that is necessary to help connect separated processes. Before anything gets done, we must communicate. Coming up this week on the Make It Right podcast Janet’s guest is Sam Yankelevitch, a manufacturing coach as well as an author and speaker. He discusses how to use effective communication strategies to ensure your business is pursuing Gemba.

Episode 53: Protect your Cashflow from the Impact of a Cyber Attack

Cyber attack statistics are shocking and they hit companies of all sizes. In the US alone half of all small and midsize businesses (SMBs) experienced a data breach in 2017 and 55% experienced a cyber attack. A typical firm experiences 130 security breaches each year. Depending on the impact, a cyber attack can destroy a business. On this episode of the Make It Right podcast we look at how to protect your cashflow from the impact of a cyber attack on your supply chain. Janet’s guest is Kent Paisley, the Senior Vice President, Accounts Receivable Insurance Global Crisis Management Division – Allied World Specialty Insurance Company.

Episode 52: Aligned Leadership Approaches to Make It Right

This episode marks the first anniversary for the Make It Right podcast and the first anniversary since Kevin Snook published his book Make It Right 5 Steps to Align Your Manufacturing Business from the Frontline to the Bottom Line. Kevin dedicated the book to the thousands of frontline manufacturing employees he meets on his travels around the world as he works with their leaders who are trying to Make It Right. This week on the show we look back at the podcasts that launched Make It Right and the aligned leadership approaches that lead to success for the leader and their teams.

Episode 51: The Risk Mitigation & Growth Opportunities of Receivables Insurance

Could your business survive if suddenly a customer or customers were unable to pay you? How would you pay your suppliers, your staff and your expenses if you didn’t get paid? Receivables can make up as much as 40% of a company’s assets which is significant exposure. This week on the Make It Right podcast we look at Receivables Insurance, also known as Trade Credit Insurance, to understand how it protects what is probably the largest asset on your balance sheet and how it can be used as a tool for growth. Janet’s guest is Kent Paisley, Senior Vice President, Accounts Receivable Insurance in the Global Crisis Management Division at Allied World Specialty Insurance Company.

Episode 50: The Challenges of Leadership - How to Get It Right

Being the leader of a company requires an array of knowledge and skills – sales, marketing and finance. But the softer skills of people management are often the final requirement when companies engage in the search for a new leader. And yet studies are showing that if employees feel valued and supported they can be motivated to take your company forward fast. This week on the Make It Right podcast Janet Eastman and guest Kevin Snook look at how to understand your leadership qualities and make them work to everyone’s benefit.

Episode 49: Preparing a Successful Transition to Exit Your Business

As a business owner or a partner in a business do you have an exit strategy in place for when you retire? Do you have a plan in place if you or your partner dies, or one of you gets escorted from the company? Businesses transition to new owners all the time but the process takes a lot of thought and consideration to get it right and having a shareholder agreement or a buy sell agreement is an essential document for your business. This week on the Make It Right podcast we continue discussing how to make sure your business is transition ready with Patrick Bradley of Manufactured Financial Solutions. Patrick is based in the US but the interesting questions he prompts are valuable for all business owners to consider.

Episode 48: Business Transition - Getting It Right

We all know change is difficult and often avoided for as long as possible but with so many people – employees, their families, suppliers and customers – relying on the business, it is important to make sure the “owner and leader transition” is done smoothly and effectively. This week on the Make It Right podcast we look at how to set your company up to successfully transition and avoid costly and emotionally draining mistakes. Janet’s guest is Patrick Bradley of Manufactured Financial Solutions.

Episode 47: The Way We Work - Leadership for the 21st Century

Dave McKeown has spent years investigating and digging into what makes a good leader. As the Founder & CEO of Outfield Leadership, he works with leaders and their teams as a coach and trainer to help them reimage the Art of Leadership so that it is authentic and purposeful. He is also an in-demand keynote speaker. Join us this week on the Make It Right podcast as we continue our conversation looking at what Dave has seen as the 3 levels of leadership maturity and how they can impact decision making and business success.

Episode 46: Reimagining the Art of Leadership

The 21st Century leader cannot possibly achieve success operating as leaders of the past have. The leadership landscape is shifting to keep pace with business in this era of rapid change. On this episode of the Make It Right podcast Janet’s guest is Dave McKeown, founder and CEO of Outfield Leadership, who believes we need to reimagine the Art of Leadership and he provides insights on how to examine who you are as a leader and imagine who you want to become.

Episode 45: Taking Your Safety Record to the Bank

Having a great safety record in your workplace is good for your employees and for your business and you should be rewarded for that in your insurance. This week we look at how Performance Based Insurance (PBI) rewards “safe” companies by returning some of their premiums to them. Janet’s guest is Bob Phalen, the author of “The Cost of Ignorance – What you don’t know about Performance Based Insurance Can Save Your Company Millions” and they continue their discussion on PBI and Bob explains why you probably have never heard of this type of insurance.

Episode 44: Cash In on Your Safety Record with Performance Based Insurance

Having insurance is part of the cost of doing business but did you know that if you have no claims it is possible to get part of your premiums back and save your company money, big money? This week on the Make It Right podcast we discuss insurance, in particular Performance Based Insurance and how it can really benefit your business. Bob Phelan, author of “The Cost of Ignorance – What you don’t know about Performance Based Insurance can save your company millions” is Janet Eastman’s guest.

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TRUST - Your Business Can't Thrive Without It

This week on the Make It Right podcast we examine the value of Trust in the workplace. Kevin Snook, author of Make It Right shares how to develop and nurture trust in the manufacturing environment. Full show coming September 20.

Make It Right - The Book

“One of the best books and concept about manufacturing that I’ve read in 37 years of manufacturing management.”

– Steve Polaski, CEO Asia Solutions

I wrote this book for the thousands of frontline manufacturing employees I meet on my travels around the world. Without these dedicated and far too often unrecognized individuals there would be no production.

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The Show Hosts

Janet Eastman is a broadcaster who worked as a radio and television host for more than 25 years. She has talked rock n roll, sports, business and politics with famous and not so famous people from around the world. She believes everyone has a story we can all learn from if we only listen.

Kevin Snook is the author of Make It Right. After 17 years as a manufacturing leader at P&G Kevin Snook now advises manufacturing CEOs around the world in more than 25 countries, helping them transform their businesses and deliver breakthrough results by giving frontline employees the information, tools, and capability to make the very best decisions every minute of the day. Kevin has a deep sense of what it takes to deliver the magic combination of growth and stability in manufacturing companies and from experience he has learned how to make that outcome simple.

Episode 43: It's a Small World - The Benefits of Workplace Diversity

The 21st Century workplace is full of diversity with people from many cultures, religious backgrounds, demographics and genders working together. This diversity turns the workplace into an excellent place to share and learn about, and from, each others different approaches and ideas. This week on the Make It Right podcast Manufacturing Guy Kevin Snook talks about the positive impact diversity is having in factories he visited in the UK.

Episode 42: A Connected Industry - The Challenges & Opportunities

Manufacturing leaders are grappling with a number of concerns regarding the connected industry – can data security be maintained? What does it cost to be “connected” and how do you get started? Industry 4.0 is a reality and this week on the show Janet gets insight on these questions and more from Greg Orloff, Chief Innovation Officer of IIoT World.

Episode 41: IIoT & Your Factory

Are concerns about security hampering your move to Industry 4.0? Are you anxious about what it might cost or unsure about how to get started? Wondering what is actually out there that can help you? This week on the Make It Right podcast Janet gets insight on these questions and more from Greg Orloff, Chief Innovation Officer of IIoT World, a digital publication focused on the connected industry.

Episode 40: The Brave New Factory

Tee Vachiramon and his team at Sertis are working on cutting edge technologies that are transforming manufacturing and other business sectors. He believes in the power of technology to transform our lives for the better and he offers a positive outlook. On Episode 40 of the Make It Right podcast he gives us his vision of the future factory and discusses how his company is using Blockchain to transform the energy sector in Thailand.

Episode 39: R U Ready for AI

AI, Augmented Reality and other technologies are making their mark across industry sectors. This week on the Make It Right podcast a conversation with Tee Vachiramon, CEO at Sertis, a leading data and AI company, who explains how these technologies are being used to benefit the manufacturing process and the employees.

Episode 38: The Leader as Psychologist - Rallying the Troops for a Business Turnaround

After 5 years losses how do you, as the “new guy”, come in and rally the team for another shot at change? Steve Polaski is a manufacturing executive who recently completed the successful 4 year transformation of a business unit in Thailand that had suffered 5 years of losses. He shares his strategies on how he turned around his battered team, regained the trust of customers and achieved profitability.

Episode 37: Finding a Sweet Spot in the Multi Billion Dollar Plush Toy Market

$11 billion is the projected value of the plush toy market by 2026. That is a lot of soft and cuddly love for sale. This week on the Make It Right podcast I continue my conversation with Marissa Louie, founder, chief designer and CEO of Animoodles, a line of specialty plush toys with interchangeable body parts to allow children to create their own unique plush toy. With designers from Disney and Pixar working on the Animoodles collection it’s no surprise there is a whole storyline behind characters.

Episode 36: Making It Right for Kids - Adventure & Opportunity in the Plush Toy Market

We’ve all had a favourite stuffed toy that we loved. They seem like a simple item but in reality it takes a lot of thought to develop a cute cuddly toy that children love and is safe. This week on the Make It Right podcast we venture into the world of plush toy manufacturing with Marissa Louie, a web and app designer who has turned her plush toy passion into Animoodles, a line of plush toys with interchangeable parts. She is also a 2019 nominee for Rising Star for Women in Toys.

Episode 35: Making It Right in 2019: A Disrupter Approach

This week on the Make It Right podcast Kevin Snook provides his take on some of the technologies, changes and challenges in the industry that could have an impact in 2019. Among the topics we cover, a look at the staffing challenge in manufacturing and opportunity of blockchain technology, which according to Forbes magazine could be a game changer for manufacturing.

Episode 34: Let's Pursue Hope & Possibility for Manufacturing in 2019

This week on the Make It Right podcast Janet Eastman and Kevin Snook kick off 2019 with a look back at manufacturing trends and challenges of 2018. Kevin also discusses how the ALIGN process is helping manufacturing companies improve their businesses and their employee engagement and he outlines how it can be used with the technologies that are evolving manufacturing.

Episode 33: A Look Back at 2018

This week on the Make It Right podcast we close out 2018 with a look back at some comments and discussions from the year that was – from lessons in leadership to industry insights and the impact the consumer is having on manufacturing.

Episode 32 -We're All in this Together - The Role of Unions in the 21st Century Factory

The 21st century is a brave new world. Technological advancements role in like waves on a beach. The attitudes and expectations of employees are changing. People don’t just want a job anymore and they don’t just want to be told what to do. These changes are having an impact across manufacturing and their unions. This week on the Make It Right podcast Janet Eastman continues her conversation with manufacturing consultant and plant manager Jan Beunder. They discuss how leadership and employees can push for engagement and change in union environments to improve total employee involvement and output. They also look at the impact a younger workforce will have on changing the role of unions in factories.

Episode 31 - Making It Right with Unions on the Factory Floor

This week on the Make It Right podcast Jan Beunder shares the labour/employee relations insights and experiences he has gained working in senior manufacturing and supply chain leadership positions in Europe, Asia Pacific and the US. He talks about the variety of roles unions play in factories around the world and how, depending on how you work with them, they can be a hinderance or help to the success of the factory.

Episode 30 - May the 4th Industrial Revolution Be With YOU!

Purchasing the tools and equipment to compete in the 4th industrial revolution can be costly and unachievable but there are alternatives. This week on the Make It Right podcast Greg Thomas, Managing Director at 375 Park Associates shares more proven alternative solutions to huge capital investment that can help you compete and succeed in the 4th industrial revolution.

Episode 29 - Alternative Solutions for Manufacturing Growth & Expansion

In the arms race to win the 4th industrial revolution, the moral is “to the winner goes the spoils”. This week on the Make It Right podcast Greg Thomas, Managing Director at 375 Park Associates is Janet’s guest with a variety of proven solutions to help you compete in the 4th industrial revolution.

Episode 28 - Culture & Its Impact on Communication Along Your Supply Chain

Communication without Comprehension is CHAOS. Even at the best of times communicating can be difficult. When you add in language and cultural differences it becomes very complex. This week on the Make It Right podcast Janet’s guest is Mark Yudell, President of Remy Chic. He has worked for years sourcing raw materials and working with manufacturing processes in multiple countries and he provides insights on how to engage in effective communications along the supply chain.

Episode 27: Brand Loyalty & the Impact of Organics in the Beauty & Health Products Industry

This week on the Make It right Podcast it is part 2 of Janet’s conversation with beauty and health products industry veteran Patty Schmucker. With 40 years in the industry she provides valuable insights on the power of brand loyalty. She also discusses the organics product industry from her perspective as a pioneering distributor who was right at the forefront of the organics industry.

Episode 26 - Making It In the Beauty & Health Products Industry

This week on the Make It Right podcast a fascinating look at the highly competitive, highly regulated beauty and health products industry. Patty Schmucker, leader of strategic business development with the Kirschner Group and President of American Made Beauty talks about sourcing ingredients, managing regulations, brand loyalty and what exactly is in that jar.

Episode 25 -The Power Shifts of Transformational Change

In the last decade consumers have become more vocal and selective about what goods they support. This has pushed large manufacturers of consumer goods to pursue significant changes across their businesses. These changes require a huge culture shift. This week on the Make It Right podcast we discuss the challenges with Donzel Leggett, Vice President, Global Manufacturing Excellence at General Mills.

Episode 24 - Achieving Continuous Improvement & ROI Along the Supply Chain

Neal Dellett has 30 years as a Continuous Improvement consultant and practitioner working with billion dollar name brands. This week on the show we discuss the ROI of continuous improvement, how to bring around the skeptics and how to get all the teams to work together.

Episode 23 - Continuous Improvement = Continuous Change

Neal Dellett has more than 30 years as both consultant and practitioner leading continuous improvement programs in the industry and for several “billion dollar brand” supply chains. This week on the Make It Right podcast he explains how pursuing continuous improvement is a process of continuous change and he discusses best practices on how to manage this change.

Episode 22 - The Impact of Automation on the Competitiveness of Emerging Markets

Supply chain strategist Filippo Mauri has extensive experience working with and leading teams around the world. In part two of their conversation he shares his insights with Janet on the growth he sees in emerging markets and how companies who upgrade their machinery and improve their labour standards in those markets will be a force in the coming years.

Episode 21 - How to Succeed as a Leader in a New Country & New Culture

When you take a leadership position in a new country and new culture there is a lot you need to learn and understand if you want to be accepted and successful in your new role. Gaining trust and support is not easy but extensive experience has taught supply chain strategist Filippo Mauri that openness and curiosity are key. He has extensive experience working with and leading teams around the world. He shares his insights on how to succeed as a leader in a new country and new culture and what you need to know before you even get there.

Episode 20 - The Visibility Benefits of Supply Chain Digitization

Vaneet Khurana, a Global Operations & Supply Chain leader and an expert in vendor collaboration & compliance discusses the visibility benefits of supply chain digitization and the role it can play in a company’s success.

Episode 19 - Establishing a Cost & Quality Balance in the Supply Chain

Vaneet Khurana is a Global Operations & Supply Chain leader and an expert in vendor collaboration & compliance. This week on the Make It Right podcast we discuss the challenges of establishing a balance between cost and quality in the supply chain.

Episode 18 - What to Look for on the Factory Tour

In Episode 18 of the Make It Right podcast Kevin Snook discusses what CEOs and other leaders should be looking for on the factory tour so they can propose changes that can improve the process and support the success of the business. With decades of experience in manufacturing he also shares where to get started making those changes to achieve maximum impact.

Episode 17 - The Dos and Don'ts of the Factory Tour

The Factory Tour is an important part of a leader’s job as it has the power to motivate or obliterate the confidence of your front line team. Kevin Snook, author of Make It Right, shares some cautionary tales on what not to do as a leader on the factory tour. He also shares insight on how leaders can inspire with the right approach to get maximum impact and engagement from their team.

Episode 16 - Using Tax Credits to Fuel Manufacturing Growth

John Madsen is Vice President & Manufacturing Practice Leader at Black Line Group, an organization that provides R&D Tax Credit Expertise to companies. He shares stories on how manufacturing companies have saved tens of thousands of dollars via tax credits and have used that money to reinvest, become more competitive and in some cases completely transform their businesses.

Episode 15 - Extracting the Value from Customer Complaints

Customer complaints can provide huge value and insight to a company. Kevin Snook talks to Janet Eastman about how best to handle and manage through customer complaints to extract that value and secure a loyal customer.

Episode 14 - The Time Value of Data for Fast Moving Manufacturing

In Episode 14 Janet speaks with Vincent Casagrande, CTO of LUCIDi4, about the time value of data for fast moving manufacturing and offers tips for getting started with real time data.

Episode 13 - Artificial Intelligence, Enemy or Enabler

In Episode 13 Janet and Kevin look at the impact Artificial Intelligence is having on the manufacturing industry and how that impact varies in different countries. They also discuss the prevention power of Quality Assurance.

Episode 12 - The Future of the Diaper Industry with Carlos Richer

This is part 2 of Janet’s conversation with diaper manufacturing industry expert Carlos Richer. He joins Janet to discuss the future of diapers and how those in the industry should try out their products occasionally. :>) Carlos wants to develop the next generation of disposable diaper experts and he is hosting an intensive KnowDiaper event for people working in the industry on October 16-17 in Houston, TX. Visit for more information.

Episode 11 - The Tweeting Diaper!

You will be amazed at the technologies used and required in the materials and manufacturing of diapers. Carlos Richer is a diaper manufacturing industry expert with more than 30 years in the business. He is also the founder of the Disposable Diaper Network (DDN) – one of the largest LinkedIN groups of its kind. He joins Janet to discuss the evolution of the diaper and how the industry is taking advantage of current technologies and social platforms to improve the product. Carlos is also hosting an intensive KnowDiaper event for people working in the industry on October 16-17 in Houston, TX.

Episode 10 - Cranking Up the Dimmer Switch to Achieve Employee Engagement

Maintaining enthusiasm on the job day after day is not easy for employees or management. Perhaps your manufacturing company is unknowingly suffering from the dimmer switch effect which produces a culture of disengagement and lethargy. On this episode of the Make It Right podcast Kevin Snook provides insight on how to “crank up the dimmer switch” and re-energize your employees.

Episode 9: Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Pursuing Safety to Lower Insurance Rates

Kevin takes questions from listeners regarding manufacturing automation, artificial intelligence and the ALIGN process. He also discusses how pursuing safety can lower a manufacturing company’s insurance rates.

Make It Right - The Book Series

In this series Kevin expands on the ALIGN process as detailed in the “Make It Right” book.

Chapter Eight - Possible Roadblocks on the Journey

How the ALIGN process will put you in good shape to adjust to the roadblocks you will encounter on your journey to improving your business. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter Seven: N - Nurture Feedback & Recognition

People work because they have to but they also work because they want to make a contribution. In this chapter Kevin discusses the power of positive feedback and recognition and how it can be a powerful motivator within an organization when delivered with sincerity and authenticity. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter Six: G - Give Help and Support

In the 21st century it seems we are all short on time. In this chapter Kevin Snook redefines “the Meeting” in a way that frees up people’s time and cuts to the chase on decision-making. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter Five: I - Inspire with Information

This chapter gets into the data dig that is required to “Make It Right” and it looks at why real-time data is so key to achieving success in manufacturing. Kevin has worked with manufacturing companies in 26 different countries and he as seen the power of data first hand. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter Four - L - Lead with the Frontline

How to create a master plan to move your business forward that has “buy in, input and support” from all employees – from the front line to the C suite. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter Three - A - Aim from the Heart

Kevin outlines what is involved in Step 1 of the ALIGN process – Aim from the Heart – and why it works. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter Two - The Manufacturing CEO

Kevin discusses the challenges of the 21st Century Manufacturing CEO and how the ALIGN process can rescue them from the day to day emergencies to focus on the growth potential of the business. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.

Chapter One - Breaking the Mold

Chapter One – Breaking the Mold:  Kevin Snook discusses how he came to develop a simple and proven approach that aligns the frontline with the bottomline to achieve significantly improved results for consumer goods manufacturers. Please note it may take a few seconds for audio to play.