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LUCIDi4 has designed and developed a real time data analytics system that has led to scrap reduction of over 40% on diaper and sanitary napkin production lines throughout Asia.

This system, CLARITYi4, is provided as a Software as a Services (SaaS) solution to measure the machine and production performance of manufacturing lines. It is fully managed by LUCIDi4, removing the data management and technical burden from their clients so they can focus on high quality production results.

CLARITYi4 is a proven system that provides the necessary real time data to the smart devices of frontline workers so they can deliver world class manufacturing results. The savings generated by manufacturing clients have delivered a return on investment (ROI) of 400% with payback on the system cost realized in three months.

LUCIDi4 was developed specifically to put the right data in the hands of the right people, to make the smartest decisions in real time.

Kevin Snook - CEO & Founder, LUCIDi4


Kevin Snook

Vincent Casagrande

CEO & Founder

CTO & Founder

“We have found that companies employing the LUCIDi4 technology have not only transformed their business results (savings of millions of dollars per factory) they have awakened the operating teams. There is a buzz, an excitement in the factory with employees, frontline decision makers taking ownership for their equipment, their procedures and their results. This drives a cultural turnaround and the basis of a smart factory.”

“The wealth of data provided by production lines offers valuable insights, but deciphering that information so that it can be acted on has been a challenge for factories. LUCIDi4’s solution derives actionable insights from that data and provides it in real time, in a visual format, to front line workers so they can make quick operational decisions.”