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Janet Eastman

Episode 146: Organizational DNA Part 2

Daniel Edds is the author of Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership – Cracking the Code of Sustainable Team Performance and through his research he has discovered some key factors that high impact organizations leverage to huge success. This week on the show it is part 2 of our conversation and Daniel explains the 3 value…

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Episode 137: Iot & IIoT-Their Evolving Impact on Life & Business

The fourth industrial revolution has been underway for a number of years with many in the manufacturing sector embracing the Industry 4.0 path to increased productivity, reduced costs, better products. But the factory of the future will need more than just good data and understanding it. IoT and IIot are playing an ever larger role…

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Episode 136: A Pandemic Pivot on the Road to World Class

How do you post 30% growth, with just 30% of your workforce during a pandemic? Compassionate leadership, continuous improvement and laughter is how AP&G Co. did it. AP&G’s Plant Manager Vladimir Floresca was originally a guest on Make It Right (Episode 60) in the summer of 2019 when he discussed the plant’s continuous improvement processes…

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Episode 135: Proing up Your Procurement for Supply Chain Success

Aaron Brimer has been in procurement for the last decade and in those years he has weathered some supply storms and learned from those experiences. He has a procurement philosophy that has helped him through challenges, even during a crazy year like 2020 when the way we all do business changed. In October Aaron began…

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Episode 130: Failing Forward – Learning to Lead & Coach Your Team

“Leadership is to serve and develop people through human interactions and relationships towards the achievement of goals that support purpose.”  That is how this week’s guest, Jamie V. Parker, views the role of leadership. A recovering command and control leader Jamie now works with manufacturing leaders helping them find balance between leading and coaching their…

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