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Kevin Snook

Episode 151: The Factory Tour in 2021

One of the most important things a manufacturing leader can do is walk the factory floor and engage with the team members. This gives the leader the opportunity to understand the challenges, obstacles and ideas for improvement that these frontline employees have. Unfortunately this activity is often missed or given just cursory attention. In his…

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Episode 149: The Hows of Leadership in Uncertain Times

For many leaders the big question right now is HOW?…how do we move forward, how do we succeed in this current uncertainty, how do we motivate our teams, how do we come out the other side successfully? These are questions that can keep you awake at night. This week on Make It Right manufacturing leadership…

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Episode 148: Civility at Work – Part 2

Positive Results with Positive People Treatment Low morale, poor productivity, errors etc are all signs of an organization with a civility problem. Dr Lew Bayer is a civility expert and she joined us on Make It Right to share how to identify and fix incivility issues to improve your manufacturing results. This is part 2…

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Episode 146: Organizational DNA Part 2

Daniel Edds is the author of Leveraging the Genetics of Leadership – Cracking the Code of Sustainable Team Performance and through his research he has discovered some key factors that high impact organizations leverage to huge success. This week on the show it is part 2 of our conversation and Daniel explains the 3 value…

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Episode 143: Digitalization – Shaping the Future of Manufacturing

Digitalization – Industry 4.0, IiOT, Smart Factories – or whatever you choose to call it is changing the manufacturing landscape. Sensors littered throughout factories collect and share data to monitor and enhance operations, and data collection can start as far back as the source of a product’s raw materials. This mountain of data will have…

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