Manufacturing: Achieving World-class

Kevin Snook has spent 30 years in manufacturing testing and perfecting how to build world-class leaders and world-class manufacturing teams

Kevin Snook: “It’s a big leap of faith for someone who’s got good results in a certain way over a certain period of time to change that. So what we did is we took one division and one line in one division on. We started working with that line to do things differently. How could we roll down the decision making and accountability really to the front line workers on this one production line in one of their five divisions on after about 3-4 months results were were outstanding. They were better than any of the other lines in that division, and it was almost like this remarkable switch had been switched. And then shortly after that, after about six months when we’ve proven that there was something going on here, we rolled that out to five production lines in that division.

And each one of them as they rolled onto this system where the frontline employees were given more accountability, and the ability to make the calls that they needed to make, to get the help that they needed, in order to be able to do things better, each time we did that, then the results started to turn around. And the results were manufacturing efficiency, scrap, productivity. Everything was changing. That gave the chairman the confidence to say, “Okay, let’s do this in the whole of this one division out of the five.” And a year and a half later, so it was 18 months really, to change the culture in that division, but then he gave us a second division to work on.”

Kevin Snook is a leadership advisor to manufacturing CEOs. He shares how he gets results for manufacturing leaders this week on the Make It Right podcast.