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Episode 137: Iot & IIoT-Their Evolving Impact on Life & Business

The fourth industrial revolution has been underway for a number of years with many in the manufacturing sector embracing the Industry 4.0 path to increased productivity, reduced costs, better products. But the factory of the future will need more than just good data and understanding it. IoT and IIot are playing an ever larger role…

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Promo Episode 42: A Connected Industry – The Challenges & Opportunities

Greg Orloff is Chief Innovation Officer at IIoT World where he explores the latest technologies being developed for a connected world. We discuss the opportunity in the Industrial Internet of Things and look at the challenges of security, the role of sensors, and where the human fits in it all on this week’s edition of the Make It Right podcast. Full show coming Friday.

Make It Right
Promo Episode 42: A Connected Industry - The Challenges & Opportunities


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Episode 41: IIoT & Your Factory

Are concerns about security hampering your move to Industry 4.0? Are you anxious about what it might cost or unsure about how to get started? Wondering what is actually out there that can help you? Coming this week on the Make It Right podcast Janet gets insight on these questions and more from Greg Orloff,…

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