Making It Right

Breaking Down the ALIGN Process

As a manufacturing leader in P&G for 17 years, Kevin Snook had hands-on experience of producing billion dollar brands such as Pampers, Always, Gillette, Pantene, Cover Girl and Head & Shoulders. After successfully growing P&G’s contract manufacturing division for Asia, he left the company to become managing director at a 4,000-employee manufacturing business where the business grew by implementing many of the best systems Kevin had formulated. In his 2018 book Make It Right – 5 Steps to ALIGN Your Manufacturing Business from the Frontline to the Bottom Line Kevin shares the ALIGN process he has developed and proven in his 30 year career.

In this series of book interviews Kevin talks about how he came to develop this process and how manufacturing CEOs and their teams can implement it to achieve business success.

Chapter One – Breaking the Mold:  Kevin Snook discusses how he came to develop a simple and proven approach that aligns the frontline with the bottomline to achieve significantly improved results for consumer goods manufacturers. 

Chapter Two: The Manufacturing CEO: Kevin discusses the challenges of the 21st Century Manufacturing CEO and how the ALIGN process can rescue them from the day to day emergencies to focus on the growth potential of the business. 

Chapter 3: Aim from the Heart: Kevin outlines what is involved in Step 1 of the ALIGN process – Aim from the Heart – and why it works.

Chapter 4: Lead with the Frontline: How to create a master plan to move your business forward that has “buy in, input and support” from all employees – from the front line to the C suite.

Chapter 5: Inspire with Information: This chapter gets into the data dig that is required to “Make It Right” and it looks at why real-time data is so key to achieving success in manufacturing. Kevin has worked with manufacturing companies in 26 different countries and he as seen the power of data first hand.

Chapter 6: Give Help and Support: In the 21st century it seems we are all short on time. In this chapter Kevin Snook redefines “the Meeting” in a way that frees up people’s time and cuts to the chase on decision-making. 

Chapter 7: Nurture Feedback and Recognition: People work because they have to but they also work because they want to make a contribution. In this chapter Kevin discusses the power of positive feedback and recognition and how it can be a powerful motivator within an organization when delivered with sincerity and authenticity. 

Chapter 8: Possible Roadblocks on the Journey: How the ALIGN process will put you in good shape to adjust to the roadblocks you will encounter on your journey to improving your business.